Water Safety

Travel Clinics of America - Water Safety

  • Swimming and boating are exciting diversions for travelers. Unfortunately, in  developing countries, lakes, ponds and beaches are breeding grounds for parasites.

  • Avoid swimming or wading in standing waters.

  • Wear protective sandals when beach walking.

  • Avoid swallowing water or submerging your head. Consider using nose plugs and face mask.

  • Do not share towels.

  • Sanitize your hands after swimming to reduce risk of infection.

  • Swim in populated areas preferably in enclosed swimming areas.

  • Beware of underwater coral and sharp rocks.

  • If stung by fish or jellyfish, wash off with sea water, ammonia or urine.

  • Do not dive head first into unknown waters.

  • Always wear proper fitting life jackets when on any water craft or waterskiing.

  • Alcoholic beverages and aquatic activities are a hazardous combination.

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