Crime Avoidance

Travel Clinics of America - Travel CrimeU. S. travelers, often viewed as wealthy and vulnerable, are frequent targets of crime abroad.

  • Be observant and aware of your surroundings.

  • Avoid traveling alone.

  • Always jog with a partner.

  • Be cautious in large crowds where pickpocket teams operate.

  • Limit traveling at night.

  • Don’t bring valuable or costume jewelry.

  • iPods, digital cameras and other electronic devices may attract unwanted attention.

  • Avoid carrying a purse. Put a rubber band around your wallet to make it more difficult to pickpocket. Consider a waist money belt.

  • Use reputable currency exchanges offices. Don’t count your money away from the teller window.

  • Do not show large denomination paper money when making purchases.

  • Be familiar with currency exchange rates to ensure you are given proper change from taxis, restaurants and hotels.

  • Make copies of your passport, credit card numbers and other important documents. Keep a copy available on your trip and a second copy back at home.

  • Use the hotel safe.

  • Avoid accommodations on the ground floor.

  • Park your car or bicycle in well lit public places.

  • Have your key in hand when approaching your parked vehicle.

  • Set your cell phone to speed dial the local ‘911’ phone number.

  • Be cautious when accepting invitations from ‘friendly' locals to parties, social events or for car rides.

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