Why Counterfeit Medications for Travel is a Dangerous Situation

The cost of medicine is certainly on the rise and this is provoking some individuals to look for cheaper resources, but is also creating a dangerous situation. It can be an even worse problem if a traveller becomes in need of medicine in a foreign country and assumes that what they are getting is the real thing but it isn’t.

Many travellers will do some research as to what preventative medicines they can use to help prevent the common sicknesses they may be exposed to in the country they are travelling to. This can make them vulnerable to medicines that are being touted as being authentic, but in reality they are counterfeit and could in some case do more harm than good. At the very least they are providing a false sense of security, and the traveller who now thinks that he is fully protected is really not. Another circumstance could be to actually contract a disease while in another country and rely on fake medicines as a cure that isn’t going to occur, and the symptoms progress.

These fake medicines can consist of totally harmless ingredients that amount to no more than sugar and water with a little bit of coloring, or a weakened version of the actual medicine itself. Or worse still it could be a completely different type of medicine that could cause some serious harm to its unsuspecting users, by interacting with other drugs or present medical conditions.

When a traveller is preparing for their journey it is most important to start off in a healthy condition. It is wise to know what potential health risks may be present in the destination country. This can easily be addressed by visiting one of the Travel Clinics of America physicians. These are highly trained health care professionals who are well versed in the potential health risks that a specific country may possess. They have the ability to provide the right and true medicines that are available to prevent contracting these diseases. They will also give instructions as to the symptoms to watch for and how to treat these symptoms. They can provide sound and trustworthy medical contacts in the visited country so the traveller will not be duped into buying counterfeit medicines.

These types of medicines pose enough problems when they are consumed within the traveller’s own country, but can be devastating when used in a foreign land. There could be language barriers that have to be dealt with and not knowing what the proper and trustworthy resources for both medicines and medical care are, could be life threatening. Buying medicines on the internet is becoming a common occurrence, but here too there is a large risk of receiving counterfeit meds that have no value or pose a variety of dangers.

Before taking your next trip, be sure to visit a participating physician of the Travel Clinics of America. By doing so you will be off to a healthy start for your pending trip, and be fully protected while away from home.

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