2014-2015 Influenza

Everyone should be conscientious about protecting themselves against the many strains of flu viruses, but even more so for those who are going to be travelling.  Some forms of flu can be mild and affect people in varying degrees, while other types can lead to the need for hospitalization, and can even result in death.

With each flu season comes something new. It could be a new strain, it could be longer lasting, and the same flus may arise but increase in severity. These types of flu conditions can vary amongst the different countries and for this reason it is most important that travellers are educated in what potential risks they could be facing regarding influenza in respect to their destinations.

Fortunately for every traveller who is leaving the USA there are some excellent resources available to help them become medically ready for their journey. There are actually well trained physicians who are affiliated with the Travel Clinics of America who specialize in health and travel. By utilizing these services the traveller can be updated as to the current risks regarding influenza that they may be exposed to in respect to their proposed destination.

Often travellers are under the misconception that if they follow up with their flu shots in the USA, then they are going to be fully protected no matter what country they travel to. They often assume that every flu is basically the same and presents the same symptoms. While it is true that they may produce similar symptoms they come from different flu viruses and the outcomes can be totally different.

Fortunately we have excellent organizations like the World Health Organizations that track what is going on in regards to flus in the various countries. The data they collect changes constantly has new information surfaces. Last year a flu of concern was the H1N1, now the attention is focusing on the current potential flu threats, which is important for the traveller that wants to remain healthy while on their journey away from home.

Another flu that created attention in the past was the H7N9 which was a new strain of bird flu that has now been detected in birds as well as people in China, but human infections with bird flu viruses is very rare.

By attending a Travel Clinics of America health care provider near you, will mean that you will be brought up to date about the most serious types of influenza that could be of any threat to you on your travels. You will be advised as to the symptoms, the types of treatments available, and resources for medical assistance should you require it at your particular destination. While anyone can be at risk in regards to the various strains of flu, those with present health conditions may be more so. This is another area these specialized health care providers will focus on.

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