Why Can't I See My Primary Care Physician?
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Travel vaccines 50% of travelers who visited their primary care doctor had a WRONG medication to prevent malaria.*
Travel vaccines 25% of travelers who visited their primary care doctor did not get necessary vaccinations or received UNNECESSARY immunizations.*
Travel vaccines Yellow fever vaccine can be administered ONLY by AUTHORIZED physicians.*

Top 10 Reasons to See A Travel Medicine Professional
Travel Clinics of America - safe travel

  1. Travel Doctors protect your health with travel vaccinations against serious diseases.
  2. Travel Doctors prevent traveler’s diarrhea and other illnesses, which can ruin your trip
  3. Travel Doctors teach specific tips about making wise food and beverage choices to keep you well
  4. Travel Doctor explain why some travel vaccinations may not be necessary on your trip
  5. Travel Doctors, as physicians, carefully consider your medical history and medications when giving you travel advice.
  6. Travel doctors are highly trained in travel medicine and are up-to-date on new medical developments and disease outbreaks abroad.
  7. Travel doctors customize their medical advice to your itinerary, travel style and health.
  8. Travel doctors are committed to educating travelers how to prevent disease and injury.
  9. Travel doctors prepare travelers to deal confidently with the unexpected while abroad.
  10. Travel doctors are dedicated to one purpose – preventing disease and keeping you safe.

Visit a Travel Medicine Professional for proper pre-travel care to keep you safe abroad so that you can enjoy your trip!

*The Journal of Travel Medicine 2011; 18: 20-25
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