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Welcome To Travel Clinics of America Membership

Welcome to Travel Clinics of America!

Congratulations for making this investment in yourself and your practice!

Travel Clinics of America membership is all about helping you build a successful travel clinic that gives you freedom to do what you love and create an asset in your clinic for years to come.

Before you dig into the content and start planning your next steps, let me give you an overview.

What to expect:

What’s included with your membership?

Travel Medicine resource center

In the resource center, we provide you with all the tools of the trade so you can run your travel clinic clearly and efficiently.

  1. Travel Consult Template
  2. Patient Care Framework
  3. Travel Vaccinations Guide

Bonus 1: Complete Travel Medicine Patient Education Library! As a member, you have access to all the ongoing updates!

Marketing: Promote Your Travel Clinics and GROW your practice. 

With our marketing strategy, our physician experts will be positioned for success.

  1. Membership Profile and Google SEO optimization
  2. Marketing your services on our website and social media accounts
  3. Business card template

Travel Medicine Billing:

  1. Fee for service model !
  2. Scheduling and invoicing patients!
  3. Your own billing portal!

Bonus 2: Travel Medicine Superbill!

Bonus 3: Travel Clinics of America Newsletter! As an added value, we will keep you up-to-date with travel medicine briefs! We promise not to spam your emails! 


Rules and Regulations: All the resources developed are the intellectual property of Travel Clinics of America and will only be

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