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Dr. Sirri Nomo-Ongolo
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About the Physician

Dr. Nomo-Ongolo provides travel medicine services including pre-travel consultations, all necessary immunizations, and safety advice customized to your trip itinerary. She is committed to helping people stay healthy while traveling. She earned her medical degree from Eugenio Mario de Hostos, in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Nomo-Ongolo is interested in Infectious Diseases and holds a Ph.D in Microbiology from The Catholic University of America, Washington DC. Dr. Nomo-Ongolo completed her residency in Family Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. She works in a private practice in St. Anthony, Minnesota.

Prepare for your Appointment.

In order to make your office visit more meaningful, please download and complete the following forms.

Travel vaccines Screening Questionnaire for CHILD & TEEN Immunizations
Travel vaccines Screening Questionnaire for Adult Immunizations
Travel vaccines Travel Medical History Questionnaire for ADULTS and CHILDREN

Please bring completed forms and any vaccination records you may have to your appointment with the Travel Clinics of America physician.


Payment in full at the time of the appointment is requested. We accept cash and credit cards. Upon request, we will provide copies of all documents necessary to file insurance claims.

More About Dr. Sirri Nomo-Ongolo - (Minneapolis) St. Anthony MN Travel Clinic

Dr. Sirri Nomo-Ongolo is dedicated to helping her patients properly prepare for intercontinental trips and travel plans. She strongly believes in customizing safety advice and recommendations according to the patient's itinerary as well as ensuring the patient has had all of the correct immunizations before departure.

Dr. Nomo-Ongolo received her medical degree from Eugenio Mario de Hostos in the Dominican Republic. Her main interest lies in infectious diseases which lead her to earn her Ph.D in microbiology from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. Dr. Nomo-Ongolo's residency was completed in Family Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN.

If you are currently researching how to prepare for an overseas trip, or you would like to meet with a knowledgeable professional at a Minneapolis, MN travel clinic, schedule a visit to talk to Dr. Sirri Nomo-Ongolo. Dr. Nomo-Ongolo currently works for a private practice in St. Anthony.

Dr. Nomo-Ongolo would be happy to discuss your travel plans and to help you properly prepare for your trip. She is an expert in the field of infectious diseases as well as pre-travel consulting. Some common questions she can answer for you are:

What extra steps should I take when traveling with a family?
Travelling with a family, especially if you have young children, can be much more difficult. Get the right advice on how to cope with the situation and make it as stress-free as possible.

How long in advance should I start preparing?
There is no set amount of time, but a good rule of thumb would be about 6 months. Some vaccines take time and multiple injections to become fully operational.
Are vaccines really necessary?
Vaccines are extremely important. Your body is not used to many elements that can be found all over the rest of the world. Protect yourself from getting very sick or even dying.

Is the food and water safe to eat and drink in my destination?
There are many countries around the world that don't have the luxury of clean water to drink. Also, there are different types of bacteria in certain foods that will make you sick that will not affect locals of the area. Learn about these from Dr. Nomo-Ongolo today.

If you are currently looking for a travel medicine specialist at a (Minneapolis area) St. Anthony, MN travel clinic, make an appointment with Dr. Sirri Nomo-Ongolo. She will help you make your trip a successful one.

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