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STEP 1: Read the 3 Bullet Points Below
Travel Clinics of America - safe travel
Dr. Claudia Cooke
Dr. Claudia Cooke,
Travel Medicine Specialist

Why Can't I See My Regular Doctor for Travel Medicine?

Travel Clinic 50% of travelers who visited their primary care doctor had WRONG medication to prevent malaria.
Travel Clinic 25% of travelers who visited their primary care doctor did not get necessary vaccinations or received UNNECESSARY immunizations.
Travel Clinic Yellow fever vaccine can be administered ONLY by AUTHORIZED physicians.

STEP 2: Make an Appointment with Doctor Claudia Cooke
Travel Clinics of America - safe travel

Dr. Claudia Cooke
35A East 35th St- Suite 206
New York, NY 10016
Office: (212) 213-0288

About the Doctor

Dr. Cooke is very committed to the practice of travel medicine. She provides pre-travel consultations, all proper immunizations, and safety advice customized to your trip itinerary. Dr. Cooke earned her medical degree and a Master's in Public Health from Tulane University Medical School. She completed her residency at St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. Dr. Cooke teaches at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University. She currently practices in Manhattan, New York.
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STEP 3: Download and Complete the Forms Before Your Visit
Travel Clinics of America - safe travel

In order to make your office visit more meaningful, please download and complete the following forms.

Travel vaccines Screening Questionnaire for CHILD & TEEN Immunizations
Travel vaccines Screening Questionnaire for Adult Immunizations
Travel vaccines Travel Medical History Questionnaire for ADULTS and CHILDREN

Please bring completed forms and any vaccination records you may have to your appointment with the Travel Clinics of America physician.


Payment in full at the time of the appointment is requested. We accept cash and credit cards. Upon request, we will provide copies of all documents necessary to file insurance claims.

Travel Health Information

You can find CDC travel information specific to your destination at:

More About Dr. Claudia Cooke

Dr. Claudia Cooke is an established travel medicine specialist and teacher currently practicing in the Manhattan Travel Clinics of America location. Dr. Cooke has extensive knowledge and experience in pre-travel vaccinations, travel safety advice, and disease prevention.

Dr. Claudia Cooke received her medical degree as well as a Master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane University Medical School. Upon completion of her schooling at Tulane, Dr. Cooke went on to finish her residency at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. Along with practicing as a physician at a travel clinic in New York, Dr. Cooke also teaches at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University.

Dr. Cooke specializes in all aspects of travel preparation and travel medicine. She has extensive and up-to-date travel safety knowledge for all areas of the world. Common reasons travelers visit Dr. Cooke include: to receive immunizations and vaccinations in Manhattan, to get travel advice and safety recommendations, and to learn about how to avoid and prevent dangerous disease and infection.

Vaccines and immunizations protect your body from harmful diseases, viruses, and infections that could be present throughout your travels. Depending on where you are planning to travel, these diseases can be very serious, causing permanent damage to your body and sometimes even death. Be sure you get all the necessary vaccines by seeing an expert like Dr. Cooke.

Dr. Cooke will not only medically prepare you for your journey, but will also give you advice on how to decrease harmful sun exposure, what food and water is safe to consume, and vital travel supplies that are necessary for a safe and enjoyable trip. If you or anyone in your party requires special attention while traveling, Dr. Cooke can make those recommendations too.

Contact Dr. Cooke today to make an appointment at the travel clinic in Manhattan. She will help you optimally prepare you to have a successful and safe trip.

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