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Scheduling a Travel Consult

Scheduling a travel consult can be done in three easy steps.

1.Travel Clinics of America website has “find a clinic” locator where travelers will find your clinic. 

2. A traveler will call the office and/or email you a request for an appointment.  

3. A front office staff adds the patient to your schedule as a “travel consult”. 

Check-in Procedures

  1. In order to make your time with the doctor more meaningful, please download and complete the following forms. 
  3. The link to the forms can be emailed to the patient. 


Here is the list of resources to help you with consultation! As Travel Clinics of America member, you can use the information below to structure a template in your electronic medical record to make your future travel consults easier and help save time on documentation. 


At Checkout please verify that the patient has: 

  1. 1. Proof of vaccinations/yellow card. 
  2. 2. Prescriptions for the medications the provider recommended for the trip. 


Bonus #2


Here is a useful resource to help you master the vaccines! 

Bonus #3

Marketing: Promote Your Travel Clinics and Grow Your Practice

As a member, you are able to promote your clinic on the travel clinics of America website which has supreme search engine optimization.


Sanofi has announced that we will have an update for yellow fever ordering in summer 2021. We are actively working on offering the yellow fever expansion program to Travel Clinics of America members. We will keep you posted. 


Yes you can. You can manually adjust the prices of the consult, vaccines and/or procedures at the checkout screen on the NoLaPro accounting website. 

If you are offering travel consultations, you should ieally  always have typhoid vaccine in stock. 

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Travel Clinics of America is no longer in business and no longer taking any more clients. Please feel free to use any information as a valuable resource.