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Travel Student travel to the developing world is more popular than ever. Whether you are spending a week or a semester abroad, taking precautions helps to ensure that these memorable experiences are not marred by tropical diseases, injuries or preventable accidents. Fortunately, study abroad programs are typically planned long in advance so there is ample time to receive necessary travel shots, including yellow fever and hepatitis as well as important advice on how to stay safe.

High school and college students traveling to a foreign country, who are unfamiliar with the language and culture, must be particularly vigilant to utilize sound judgment when engaging in financial transactions, accepting social invitations or entering into personal relationships. The rules and social norms abroad may be quite different from those in the student’s hometown or educational institution.

Travel vaccines

Travel immunizations (shots)

  • Schedule an appointment with a Travel Clinics of America physician to receive recommended travel vaccinations and update your routine immunizations.
  • The recommended travel vaccines depend on the countries on your itinerary, the length of your visit, your accommodations and whether you will be staying in urban or rural areas.
  • If you will be staying several weeks in a rural area, you may be advised to receive the rabies vaccine series.
Travel vaccines

Low budget travel

Students frequently travel on a low budget and may make money saving decisions that put them at risk. Taking a few precautions may decrease these risks.

  • Consume only hot foods at buffets and from street vendors.
  • Do not share water bottles or eat from shared plates.
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizers frequently.
  • Use bed netting pre-treated with permethrin if you are in malaria risk areas.
  • Rent accommodations with window screens; otherwise keep windows closed.
  • Rent accommodations with safety doors and window locks.
  • Use a money belt for cash and important documents.

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