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Vaccination FAQs

Which travel vaccinations do I need?

Travel medicine is not a ‘one size fits all’ specialty. The specific immunizations you need depend on your itinerary, medical history, and your traveling style. For example, backpackers and campers face different risks than sightseeing tourists and may need different immunizations even if they are traveling to the same destination. Every traveler receives customized advice from a Travel Clinics of America provider.

I know other travelers who didn’t get any travel vaccinations and they were fine. Are these travel shots really necessary?

Yes. Immunization is crucial. Travel medicine experts all over the world agree that vaccinations prevent serious diseases. Preventing illness on your trip is especially important since medical care abroad may not be consistent with American standards.

When should I get immunized?

See a travel medicine professional two months before departure, or earlier if possible. Some vaccines require multiple doses over several months. Timely immunization allows your body to develop adequate immunity before your trip starts.

Help! I’m leaving on my trip next week. Is it too late to get shots?

See a travel medicine professional right away. Some vaccinations, even when given at the last minute, may offer protection. In addition, your travel medicine provider can teach you other strategies to protect yourself while abroad. Vaccines are important, but travelers also need to learn about safe food and water, medical care abroad, malaria, mosquitoes, and jet lag.

I have a chronic illness and take medication. Can I still travel abroad?

Yes, but you face unique issues that must be addressed before you depart. In addition to the necessary immunizations, a travel medicine professional will advise you about your medications and medical care abroad. You will also be advised which activities you can safely participate in.

I can’t remember my vaccination history. Is this a problem?

While it’s best if you know your immunization history, a travel medicine professional can still advise you on recommended vaccines. Your primary physician, school nurse, or your parents may have these records.

Is there a Travel Clinics of America travel physician near me?

Yes. Click here to search for the Travel Clinics of America physician.

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