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Travel Clinics of America is your best choice for finding high-quality pre-travel care, sound travel advice, and peace of mind. Learn more.

Dr. Noel Mungcal

Travel Medicine Specialist


Travel Clinics of America
Decatur County Memorial Hospital
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    About Dr. Noel Mungcal

    Dr. Noel Mungcal is very committed to the practice of travel medicine. He believes that taking the proper precautions, including booster vaccines and immunizations prior to an international trip can dramatically increase the chances of a safer, healthier travel experience. Dr. Mungcal earned his medical degree ar Far Eastern University, Manila, Philipines.He completed his residency at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Evansville, India. Dr. Mungcal opened his family practice in February of 1997.

    About Travel Clinics of America

    Travel Clinics of America provides specialized travel medicine vaccination advice and care to individuals traveling outside of the United States. Our nationwide network of trained travel medicine specialists takes traveler health very seriously. Travel Clinics of America providers focus on the individual and provide specialized care based on the individual’s medical history, health issues, and specific itinerary.




    Travel Clinics of America is no longer in business and no longer taking any more clients. Please feel free to use any information as a valuable resource.