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178 East 85th Street, Fl 3
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  • "A great internist, and an even better travel medicine doc. He's been my primary care doctor for over ten years, and has been an amazingly steady and calming influence in my life. He also found a problem with my brother that other docs had missed, and literally saved his life.

    Recently he did my travel medicine work up for a trip; informed me of some preventive maneuvers I had no idea about. Spends an extraordinary amount of time with me every time I am there." – Mark Z.

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    About Dr. Julian Klapowitz

    Dr. Julian Klapowitz has been practicing Travel Medicine and Internal Medicine on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for over 20 years. Dr. Klapowitz personally reviews your health, your travel itinerary, vaccination recommendations, and travel safety with you during your visit. He believes that the best medical preparation for travel involves not only a detailed review of recommended vaccinations, but a thorough and personal review of your specific health needs and the health and safety challenges of your destination.


    Dr. Klapowitz holds a Certificate in Travel Health™ for successfully completing the International Society of Travel Medicine Certificate of Knowledge Examination and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He attended SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse medical school and completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.


    Currently, he has Attending Physician status at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, NYC.

    About Travel Clinics of America

    Travel Clinics of America provides specialized travel medicine vaccination advice and care to individuals traveling outside of the United States. Our nationwide network of trained travel medicine specialists takes traveler health very seriously. Travel Clinics of America providers focus on the individual and provide specialized care based on the individual’s medical history, health issues, and specific itinerary.




    Travel Clinics of America is no longer in business and no longer taking any more clients. Please feel free to use any information as a valuable resource.