Travel Clinics of America is your best choice for receiving high-quality pre-travel care, sound travel advice, and peace of mind.

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Travel Clinics of America Membership is for motivated health-care providers who want to join a nationwide network of clinics who offer travel care services.

Why become a member?

Are you a health care provider? Do your patients travel ? 

If the answer is YES, than you are in the right place.

We will provide you with a clear roadmap in how to give your patients evidence-based counseling to travel safely.

Why learn about travel medicine?

It only took the COVID19 pandemic for the world to realize that PREVENTIVE medicine saves lives.

Billions of travelers cross international borders annually.

We will provide you with current, evidence-based, and accurate resources to promote healthy and safe travel.

Grow your MIND and grow your PRACTICE, Travel Clinics of America makes it easy.

Why add Travel Medicine service to my practice?

  • Looking for a new revenue source?
  • Too overworked to develop and market a new business?
  • Worried about insurance hassle?

WE have all the ANSWERS.

From online training to creating your customized web page and attracting new patients to a streamlined payment process, you’ll be a travel medicine expert in no time!

What’s included with your membership?

Travel Medicine resource center: We got you covered with all the TEMPLATES to make your travel consult easy. As a member, you will have access to a tried blueprint to guide you with history taking, concerns to address, vaccinations, medications and billing.

Bonus 1: Customized travel handouts that can be easily shared with your patients

 Travel Medicine Marketing: Promote Your Travel Clinics and GROW your practice As a member, you are able to promote your clinic on the travel clinics of America website.

Bonus 2: Travel Clinics of America directory listing

Travel Medicine billing: If you are worried about insurances, we have a billing model to remove this obstacle!

Bonus 3: Downloadable travel medicine superbill


Travel Medicine community: Network and learn from other travel clinics specialists. By joining Travel Clinics of America network, you will have a motivated community of healthcare providers to celebrate successes, encourage each other and share learning adventures!

We are offering HIGH value, low cost annual membership fee of $147.

Why is membership such a low cost?

Because I believe every health-care provider seeing patients who travel should have the tools and ability to provide a travel consult.

This membership is value at $497 and it’s only offered at this low price for 2021.


I think it really makes sense if you relate to any of the following statements:

  1. You work in a private practice setting and you are interested in learning more about this emerging field.
  2. You know a little bit about travel medicine but would like a deeper understanding of it including resources and payment structure.
  3. You are considering or are in the process of adding travel medicine services to your existing practice.
[2. If I have an independent travel clinic should I become a Travel Clinics of America member?”]

If you would like to add your clinic to Travel Clinics of America directory, this is one-time fee of $297.

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STOP. Give yourself permission to breathe. As clinicians, we do enough already. We only recommend adding travel medicine services when the time is right for you.

No worries. You can work with a travel medicine consultant 1:1 and your clinic will be up and running in a few weeks.

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Travel Clinics of America is no longer in business and no longer taking any more clients. Please feel free to use any information as a valuable resource.