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Travel Alerts

Travel Safety and Security Advisory

On this page you will find information about travel vaccines such as yellow fever vaccine and other travel immunizations, safe travel, links to both general and country or region-specific travel notices, disease advisories, and other important travel alerts. Let your local Travel Clinics of America network physician assist you with your trip-specific immunization and other travel needs.


CDC Travel Notices


Links to timely information about diseases, travel vaccines and/or vaccine booster advisories that are applicable for specific countries or regions of the world. As soon as you have international travel plans, contact one of our Travel Clinics of America network physicians so that you are prepared and protected for your trip.


Here you will find late-breaking news from organizations such as the World Health Organization about epidemics and other urgent disease information. Be sure to discuss your specific travel plans with your Travel Clinics of America network physician so he or she can administer the appropriate travel vaccines and other travel immunizations.


Travel Alerts


These country-specific travel alerts provide up-to-date warnings and advice that affect your safety and security while on your trip. These alerts may include changes in required documentation for entry and travel in specific countries. Your Travel Clinics of America network physician can assist you with advice, travel vaccines, and other information to ensure safe travel.

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