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The cost of medicine is certainly on the rise and this is provoking some individuals to look for cheaper resources, but is also creating a dangerous situation. It can be an even worse problem if a traveller becomes in need of medicine in a foreign country and assumes that what they are getting is the real thing but it isn’t.

Many travellers will do some research as to what preventative medicines they can use to help prevent the common sicknesses they may be exposed to in the country they are travelling to. This can make them vulnerable to medicines that are being touted as being authentic, but in reality they are counterfeit and could in some case do more harm than good. At the very least they are providing a false sense of security, and the traveller who now thinks that he is fully protected is really not. Another circumstance could be to actually contract a disease while in another country and rely on fake medicines as a cure that isn’t going to occur, and the symptoms progress.

These fake medicines can consist of totally harmless ingredients that amount to no more than sugar and water with a little bit of coloring, or a weakened version of the actual medicine itself. Or worse still it could be a completely different type of medicine that could cause some serious harm to its unsuspecting users, by interacting with other drugs or present medical conditions.

When a traveller is preparing for their journey it is most important to start off in a healthy condition. It is wise to know what potential health risks may be present in the destination country. This can easily be addressed by visiting one of the Travel Clinics of America physicians. These are highly trained health care professionals who are well versed in the potential health risks that a specific country may possess. They have the ability to provide the right and true medicines that are available to prevent contracting these diseases. They will also give instructions as to the symptoms to watch for and how to treat these symptoms. They can provide sound and trustworthy medical contacts in the visited country so the traveller will not be duped into buying counterfeit medicines.

These types of medicines pose enough problems when they are consumed within the traveller’s own country, but can be devastating when used in a foreign land. There could be language barriers that have to be dealt with and not knowing what the proper and trustworthy resources for both medicines and medical care are, could be life threatening. Buying medicines on the internet is becoming a common occurrence, but here too there is a large risk of receiving counterfeit meds that have no value or pose a variety of dangers.

Before taking your next trip, be sure to visit a participating physician of the Travel Clinics of America. By doing so you will be off to a healthy start for your pending trip, and be fully protected while away from home.

2014-2015 Influenza

Everyone should be conscientious about protecting themselves against the many strains of flu viruses, but even more so for those who are going to be travelling.  Some forms of flu can be mild and affect people in varying degrees, while other types can lead to the need for hospitalization, and can even result in death.

With each flu season comes something new. It could be a new strain, it could be longer lasting, and the same flus may arise but increase in severity. These types of flu conditions can vary amongst the different countries and for this reason it is most important that travellers are educated in what potential risks they could be facing regarding influenza in respect to their destinations.

Fortunately for every traveller who is leaving the USA there are some excellent resources available to help them become medically ready for their journey. There are actually well trained physicians who are affiliated with the Travel Clinics of America who specialize in health and travel. By utilizing these services the traveller can be updated as to the current risks regarding influenza that they may be exposed to in respect to their proposed destination.

Often travellers are under the misconception that if they follow up with their flu shots in the USA, then they are going to be fully protected no matter what country they travel to. They often assume that every flu is basically the same and presents the same symptoms. While it is true that they may produce similar symptoms they come from different flu viruses and the outcomes can be totally different.

Fortunately we have excellent organizations like the World Health Organizations that track what is going on in regards to flus in the various countries. The data they collect changes constantly has new information surfaces. Last year a flu of concern was the H1N1, now the attention is focusing on the current potential flu threats, which is important for the traveller that wants to remain healthy while on their journey away from home.

Another flu that created attention in the past was the H7N9 which was a new strain of bird flu that has now been detected in birds as well as people in China, but human infections with bird flu viruses is very rare.

By attending a Travel Clinics of America health care provider near you, will mean that you will be brought up to date about the most serious types of influenza that could be of any threat to you on your travels. You will be advised as to the symptoms, the types of treatments available, and resources for medical assistance should you require it at your particular destination. While anyone can be at risk in regards to the various strains of flu, those with present health conditions may be more so. This is another area these specialized health care providers will focus on.

Ebola Virus and Travel

Most astute travellers want to make themselves aware of what potential medical dangers they may be exposed to during their travels. When they have this knowledge they can then take the necessary steps to protect themselves through travel medicine and vaccinations. For those who are travelling to countries where there is a risk of contracting Ebola, as of yet there is no approved vaccination.

The best precaution for a traveler to take is to know which countries are presently posing the greatest risk of contracting Ebola. There are many resources online that are putting out travel notices and these can be used as a great travel guide. Some will actually tell you what countries you should omit for your travels, and list other countries where travel may be okay, but extra precautionary measures must be taken.

For those who simply cannot avoid travel to countries that are dealing with the Ebola virus it is not enough to just glean information from the internet. These individuals need to rely on expert advice. The best sources for this are professionals who dedicate their services in respect to travel medicine. These are the experts that can offer the best preventative advice. They can tell the potentially at risk traveller how to avoid compromising their health while in a particular country. They can suggest guidelines to follow and thoroughly educate them as to specific symptoms to be alert for, and what to do should they display these symptoms. These professionals also know who are the best contacts, within the country at risk should there be any concerns.

It is also important for travellers who are in the position of having to travel to countries that are under alert for the Ebola virus to go through a medical assessment. This way they are assured that because of a present medical condition they may have that they are not putting themselves at a greater risk.

The Ebola virus has such potentially devastating symptoms and bleak outcome to it that it is imperative that the traveler rely only on sources of medical information that is validated and credible. Armed with the right information means that the traveling individual stands a much better chance of not contracting the virus or returning home with it which could lead to the infection of others.

Ebola is a highly infection virus that is easily transmitted from one person to another. This virus has the ability to on average to kill anywhere between 60% to 90% of the people it infects. It can create internal bleeding as well as shock and can lead to death. It damages human blood vessels. To date there is no successful treatment or vaccine for the Ebola virus. While there have been outbreaks of this virus in the past, they have been contained, however the 2014 Ebola outbreak is becoming a serious medical issue as it is a larger outbreak that is spreading further.

UPDATE: Dr. Alla Kirsch Interviewed by The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio regarding travel and the Ebola virus.

Click here to read the article

The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia is known to be one the largest crowd gathering events presently known. It is said that in excess of three million Muslims will come from all parts of the world to gather in Mecca for this extended event. Along with the massive crowd gathering comes the risk of the spread of many types of disease, and it is imperative that extra health precautions be taken by every individual that plans on attending.

Many people who are new to this type of mass crowd experience and the travel to another country to attend it, may rely on their average health care provider for medical information. While this is important as your health care professional knows your medical condition best, you can also enhance your protection even further by relying on professionals who specialize in travel to foreign countries and are keenly aware of the specific risks that a mass gathering like the Hajj produces.

Making arrangements to utilize the services of travel medicine experts could certainly increase your chances of remaining healthy while you enjoy this experience. It can begin with an assessment by medical personnel who are specifically knowledgeable about the potential health dangers. This assessment can help to determine if an individual is suffering from any specific ailment that increases the health risk to a mass gathering exposure during Hajj. This is a large and lengthy pilgrimage, and those with some chronic conditions or have a weakened immune system could automatically be at a greater risk.

Malaria and the risk of traveler’s diarrhea are two of the most common threats that may have to be dealt with. The travel medicine specialists can help with this by prescribing the appropriate medicines and providing the right vaccination.

While it is wise to take every possible preventative health measure, it is also important to be prepared once there at Hajj, in the event one takes sick. The travel medical experts will be able to give clear instructions as to what potential symptoms may arise from the common illnesses that could be contracted. They will also be able to provide the best information as to what medical resources will be available for the traveller who takes ill.

While many people may be naturally nervous concerning their health and being away from their own country, being able to rely on accurate medical advice serves to build their confidence. They have been medically checked out, treated with the appropriate medicines, and know what to do and who to contact in the event that they become ill.

What is just as important as the pre planning for the trip for Hajj is the return to home. Should an individual be displaying any health symptoms that they fear may be related to their pilgrimage, then once again contacting medical professionals who are well trained in travel illness could help to identify the medical problem and expedite the recovery.

To find out more about what you need to know to stay healthy during the Hajj pilgrimage be sure to book your appointment with a Travel Clinics of America physician in your area.

If you are a resident of Texas living in or around Colleyville, and you are looking for a respectable travel medicine doctor, call the office of Dr. Adrienne Prentiss. Dr. Prentiss is an established and experienced doctor in family and travel medicine and has helped many patients prepare for international trips. She specializes in pre-travel consultations, vaccines, and travel safety advice, and has given many patients the correct knowledge to have a safe and healthy trip. Dr. Prentiss opened her own private practice in 2003 and continues to give patients top level care and advice. Call today to schedule a consultation for your trip.

If you’re a Dallas, Texas, native looking for a travel medicine doctor to help optimally prepare you for your upcoming trip, it’s time to give the office of Dr. Chrisette Dharma a call to schedule a consultation. Dr. Dharma has been practicing medicine since 1999 and has had her own private practice since 2005. She has plenty of experience in travel medicine, vaccinations, and pre-travel planning, which has allowed her to help many travelers have safe and healthy trips abroad. Call today and be sure you have the right knowledge and medical protection before you leave to your destination.

Are you currently looking for a travel doctor in or around Arnold, MA? Dr. Ramona Seidel is a travel medicine physician in the area who specializes in international travel preparation as well as traveling with children. Dr. Seidel started her own practice, Bay Crossing Family Medicine, in 2005, and also currently works with Travel Clinics of America helping people to have safe and healthy trips out of the country. Contact her office today and schedule an appointment to be sure your upcoming trip is a great one.

If you are a Pittsburgh resident who is currently preparing to leave the country for business, vacation, or missionary work, make sure you see an expert travel medicine specialist before your departure. Dr. Richard Gobao is a travel physician at the Travel Clinics of America location in Pittsburgh, PA. He specializes in custom travel plans and has helped hundreds of international travelers have safe and healthy experiences out of the country. If you’re looking for a travel doctor in the Pittsburgh area, contact Dr. Gobao today to schedule a consultation.


Being able to travel safely overseas is always a main concern for international travelers. Dr. Santiago Candocia from the Chicago travel clinic location has 5 important travel safety tips for anyone leaving the United States. If you would like more great advice, be sure to call Dr. Condocia’s office and schedule a consultation.

  1. Limit night travel, traveling alone, and do not get into unmarked taxi cabs.
    It’s important to try and always travel with at least one other person. Criminals usually target people who are alone, and crime is much more likely to take place at nighttime. Stay in populated areas and always used marked transportation. Do this and everything should go as planned.
  2. Traffic Accidents are the leading cause of death among international travelers
    Traffic can be very different in other countries compared to the US. Streets can be crowded, busy, and overwhelming. To ensure your safety, avoid night travel as much as possible as well as consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Always be on high alert while crossing the street, rent newer and larger vehicles, and always use taxis with safety belts.
  3. Avoid sickness and dehydration from diarrhea
    Diarrhea can lead to bad dehydration and awful pain. One of the main causes of diarrhea is drinking or eating contaminated water or food. To prevent getting sick, be sure to always drink bottled water or water that has been boiled for at least 3 minutes. Don’t eat from buffets or from street vendors, as they can be an incubator for bacteria.
  4. Prevent illness and infection by receiving the correct vaccinations in Chicago
    Vaccinations and immunizations are extremely important when leaving the borders of the United States. There are many diseases that can be prevented by getting a simple vaccine including Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Japanese Encephalitis, and Typhoid Fever. The vaccinations you receive depends on your destination(s), so be sure to consult with an expert like Dr. Candocia to be sure you are fully protected.
  5. Make sure you have medical insurance abroad
    Many major insurance providers do not extend all health benefits to travelers leaving the country. If something were to happen where emergency medical care was needed, the situation could turn out to be an extremely expensive one. Be sure you have travel insurance before you leave, just in case of an emergency.

You can’t be too careful when getting ready to go on an international trip. There are many things to take into consideration such as vaccines, travel supplies, avoiding sickness, clean water, jet lag, and much more. Get expert travel advice in Washington DC by making an appointment to see Dr. Agrawal. She has been treating travel goers since 1993, and she has the knowledge and experience to help make your trip the best it can be. If you live in Washington DC and are looking for a travel doctor, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Anjula Agrawal.


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